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  1. 集团简介
    Group profile

    Shandong Meijia Group Co. Ltd.


    Contacts:Manager Chen

    Fixed telephone:0633-2982166


    Address:No. 119, Haibin Road, Shandong, Rizhao City, China

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    About us


    Shandong Meijia Group Co., Ltd

    Shandong Meijia group is a comprehensive food enterprise based on processing, exporting, selling frozen aquatic products, vegetables, instant frozen convenience food and aquatic vegetable seasoning food. Meijia Group owns Rizhao Meijia Aquatic Foodstuff Co.Ltd., Rizhao Meijia Keyuan Foods Co.,Ltd., Rizhao Jiayuan Foodstuff Co.,Ltd., Rizhao Hao Koufu Foods Col, Ltd., Rizhao Jia Tianxia Food Co., Ltd. and other 12 branch companies. The registered capital of the company is 32 million yuan. The covering an area is 415 thousand square meters, with a building area of 140 thousand square meters, and a total assets of 1 billion yuan. It has more than 5500 employees, 60000 square meters of fine processing workshop, freezing and cold storage capacity of 50 thousand tons, and more than 50 thousand tons of annual processing and sales products. The export products of the company mainly include more than 400 varieties, such as freezing, salting, raw food, cooking, barbecue, and conditioning food, which are mainly sold to Japan, Korea, Europe, America, Russia, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Domestic products have a variety of seafood products, fish products, sea cucumber products, raw seafood, barbecue series, bone series, and various kinds of conditioning food, the market covers the northeast, northwest, North China, East China and the central region of the provincial capital and large and medium-sized cities.

    The group was awarded the national key enterprises of agricultural industrialization, the technological innovation organization of agricultural product processing enterprises and the national demonstration enterprise of agricultural products processing by the Ministry of agriculture of the state. The provincial government commended the provincial government and the provincial government for the advanced leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization, the outstanding leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization and the advanced leading enterprises in the province, and the first batch of the province. The key leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization and the first credit enterprises in Shandong province are the top twenty enterprises of the comprehensive strength (food processing) of the food industry of the province, the outstanding leading enterprises of the agricultural industrialization of the province, the first director of the deep processing industry alliance of the marine products in the blue Economic Zone of Shandong Peninsula and the import and export products industry of Rizhao City. The chairman of the association and the vice chairman of Shandong Fisheries Association. The Provincial Committee of the Ministry of science and technology has awarded the "provincial level two integration enterprise", "the subsidiary is awarded" Shandong province small and medium enterprises stealth champion "/" provincial agricultural industrialization key leading enterprise "and other honors.

    The group company and its branches are the customs AEO advanced certification enterprises, which have been identified by the Shandong inspection and Quarantine Bureau as the "kind of enterprises" for the inspection and Quarantine of export food agricultural products. They all passed the ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO22000 quality, environment, safety management system certification, HACCP, EC certification of the EU, the UK BRC certification and GLOBALGAP, and also, got the Certification and registered certification of Russia, South Korea, Vietnam and other countries. The laboratory obtained the National Accreditation of CNAS laboratory certificate, which was identified by Shandong provincial inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Shandong provincial economic and trade department and Shandong provincial finance department as the regional inspection center for export of agricultural products.

    The company is the earliest and the most experienced aquatic product processing enterprise in Rizhao area, which has the most advanced processing experience. It owns the world's advanced processing technology and equipments for aquatic products. It introduced the innovation team of Zhu Beiwei academician of Dalian University of industry, and it estabilshed long term research and development cooperation relations with the Institute of Huang Hai Aquatic Production, Ocean University of China, Dalian Ocean University, Xiamen University, Shandong Agricultural University and so on. China Academy of Fisheries Sciences, to be the "production-study-research" base of Scientific Research Institutes. In October 2018, it was designated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Village as a national research and development center for marine fish processing technology, continuously developing high value-added products adapted to market demand, while meeting the needs of the export market. It also satisfies the desire of domestic consumers to pursue high-quality aquatic products.

    In 2018, the import and export value was US $495 million, the export revenue was US $ 290 million, and the sales revenue was 2.33 billion yuan, of which the domestic sales revenue was six.

    The company pays attention to the brand construction of the enterprise, and has registered the trademark of "You Kou Fu", "Meijia Jia", "golden fan", "Meijia garden", and "fish Spice Girl", and the registration of "Mei Jia garden" has become a landmark brand of the Meijia group of vegetable products. The brand of "Mei Jia Jia" has been appraised by Shandong provincial industry and Commerce Administration Bureau as "the famous trademark of Shandong province". "Mei Jia Jia" brand quick frozen sea cucumber and recuperate star eel products have been rated as the famous brand products of Shandong province. The company was appraised by the Organizing Committee of the first sunshine brand festival as "the famous brand enterprise of Rizhao Golden Sail Award", and the "beauty Jia Jia" brand was awarded "the leading brand of the Rizhao City aquatic product processing industry".

      The brand value evaluation work carried out by the quality supervision system is 521 million yuan and the brand strength is 849. The declared "Jia Jia brand aquatic products" is included in the famous brand of Shandong agricultural products. In 2017, it was appraised as the most influential enterprise brand in China and the most influential green enterprise brand in China. .

    The company adheres to the aim of "leading a healthy life, creating a culinary culture and opening up the future of food". The company insists on managing extroverts, processing standardization, variety, base scale and market diversification, aiming at international standards, paying close attention to internal management of enterprises, developing energy saving and reducing consumption, and vigorously developing circular economy. To strengthen the green ecological management of the raw material base, provide safe food and benefit human health as the competitive power; to enrich the common people's table and to hold up the healthy life as the mission, the hundred year enterprise, the charm and beauty, to be the leader of the marine food.

    Address: No.119 The First Haibin Road,Rizhao,China

    Tel: 0633-8331126/2982166

    Fax: 0633-2982233

    Website: www.jacketsjp.com

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    Address:No. 119, Haibin Road, Shandong, Rizhao City, China

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